Pre-orders are for items which are not immediately available as studios can only produce items once they have met a minimum order quantity for manufacturing requirements. (If minimum order quantity not met, you will be refunded.)

When an item is open for preorder, it will remain open until the item has sold out or the studio closes orders. Typically popular resin statues/figures will rarely be in stock and be ready to ship as they are almost always sold out by the time they arrive in our store.

Pre-ordering is necessary to ensure you get the best price and able to successfully secure your resin statue/figure. If an item is ‘SOLD OUT’ it means that all preorders have been filled – meaning every item has an owner already.

If you are after a time sensitive gift, we don't recommend pre-ordering a resin statue as there can delays which are out of our control. Please see what is available in stock instead.


Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 - Refers to the first, second, third or fourth quarter of the specific year

  • Q1 - January to March
  • Q2 - April to June
  • Q3 - July to September
  • Q4 - October to December

IN STOCK AT STUDIO - Refers to stock being available at the studio overseas, this means it can be readily ordered and loaded into our next shipment container without needing to wait further for any production times. We have shipment containers arrive every 2 months or so and they are in transit for roughly 3 weeks before getting cleared by customs and then arriving in our store.

RELEASE DATE - Refers to the estimated time given to us by the studio for when the resin statue will finish production. This can often be delayed due to revisions being needed in the design after feedback has been given to  progress pictures or if the final quality of production is not satisfactory or in line with the studio's standards.

ARRIVAL DATE - Refers to the estimated time of arrival of the resin statue in our store, generally 1-2 months after production has been completed (ordered statues will be loaded into our shipment container and then take 3 weeks to arrive in our store)


To pre-order you can either 1. Make a deposit (50%) OR 2. Make the full payment

Either way helps you reserve your chosen resin statue/figure(s), we will will also contact you regarding any progress or ETAs.

If you choose to make a deposit, you will need to pay the second half after the resin statue/figure has arrived in our warehouse, prior to us shipping it out or you coming to pick it up.

(Please note that deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE as we use your deposit payment to pay the studios in order to reserve your product. As studio's also have the same policy, we are unable be refunded by them after we have submitted your deposit.)

If you wish to cancel your pre-order, we will need to be notified immediately and are only able to do so if we have not submitted your order to the studio yet. 

We will send you an invoice for the remaining payment of which you can either choose to pay in-store or online.

We definitely recommend coming for pick up if you are in Melbourne or not too far away in VIC, since there is always a risk of damage in transit and a replacement part might not always be possible or will most likely take a long time to arrive.


Generally speaking for resin statues/figures that are not too heavy or oversized (under 10kg and under 0.1 m3) shipping will be free as usual for metro suburbs and $15 for rural suburbs.

If the resin statue/figure requires an additional payment to be paid. We will try our best to find the best shipping option for you and keep shipping as affordable and as reasonable as possible.


Before we ship out any resin statues/figures, we always conduct a full check of the product to ensure there are no issues and nothing is broken. We also add additional bubble wrap to the outer packaging to minimise the chance of breakage however there still is the possibility for your item to arrive with small broken parts, clean snaps or scratches on the paint due to the extremely fragile nature of the products.

We are unable to provide a refund/exchange/compensation for minor issues as most of the time they are easily fixable with glue. 

In the unlikely event that your piece does arrive damaged, please contact us ASAP with photos and details of the issue. We will contact the studio to sort out a solution and see if we can get a replacement part for you, however it is not always guarenteed that a replacement will be available.

For major issues caused via shipping damage, our parcels are always insured and we can arrange refunds if necessary.


1. You understand what a preorder is. You understand the nature of these items. You have thoroughly done your research and read all the details of the item.

2. You have no problem waiting the necessary time for the item to arrive (might take several months) this time includes, the time it takes for orders to close, be manufactured and then be shipped to us before being shipped to you!

3. You understand that release dates can be subject to change, final release dates may differ due to any delays in manufacturing or the time it takes for the item to be shipped to us. These items are hand made and the intricate detailing required can often be more time consuming than predicted. 

4. Refunds or reimbursements will NOT be given due to manufacturing delays. (However if a problem does occur during manufacturing or something out of our control, you WILL definitely be refunded back 100% of what you paid.)

5. Cancellations are NOT permitted as we contact the manufacturer to secure the item for you by paying them a deposit. If a order is to be cancelled, deposits are NON-refundable.

6. Shipping may need to be paid depending on the size and weight of the resin statue/figure being sent.

7. If minor damage occurs during transit, you are okay with fixing the issues yourself without us providing a refund/exchange/compensation.

If you have no problem with everything above 

After your pre-order has been made and your payment has been received, a confirmation email will be sent to you and once we have received your item in our warehouse, you will be promptly notified by email or text and we will have your order shipped out to you or you can come for pick up if you are local!.

If you have any questions, feel to email or message us! We are always more than happy to answer anything.